What Is Meditation


What Is Meditation? In today’s busy world, we are so busy rushing around and trying to make headway in life that we rarely give time to ourselves. One of the best ways to remain calm in this buzz of daily life is through meditation. So what is meditation, lets find out! Meditation is a way for you to give yourself a break in today’s world. Continue Reading →

How I Stopped Smoking Using Meditation

Stop Smoking with meditation

How To Use Meditation To Stop Smoking. This is my journey on how I used meditation to stop smoking after smoking for more than 15 years. It follows the process I used to kick the habit. Since doing this, I haven’t picked up or had the urge to smoke since. Its a very powerful free system that anybody could use, if you put the time Continue Reading →

How Meditation Changed My Life


How Meditation Helped Me. Meditation for me is a wonderful way to take a break from the busy world around me. It allows me to connect with myself on a deeper level. It creates a calmness in my mind that transfers over into my life in the form of patience and the ability to make decisions from a pure perspective. I was introduced to meditation Continue Reading →